The Story

I’ve been doing construction since I was a kid. My uncle owned a contracting business and I would help clean up jobs to earn a couple bucks on the weekends. When I was 19 I got my first Contractors License and helped other contractors with framing, siding and roofing jobs. Construction was a fun work environment for a young person; you get exercise, possibly work in the sun (although not a whole lot of that here on the Oregon Coast) and joke around with your construction buddies. It seemed like a good fit for me. With a couple detours along the way as an artist, boiler inspector, screen printer, bus boy and a waiter, I’ve been working construction ever since.

I created the Freehand Tool Hook out of complete necessity. I was standing on a plank 30’ off the ground in the pouring rain, while setting a piece of lap siding. I did what most people do to pick up the nail gun: slide my foot under the air hose and lift the hose to my hand, then lasso toss the gun up like a juggler in the circus to catch it, just to nail on a piece of siding. I had also done this a thousand times with my finish nailer, with one hand on the long spaghetti-like piece of header trim over the window, only to possibly miss the juggle catch and damage the newly laid flooring. Then there’s the other method of holding the gun between your legs as you try to set a solid core door that doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. So the Freehand Tool Hook was born. It is a simple, yet very effective solution to a lot of situations, and it provides the user with a more efficient work flow. I hope you enjoy not having to juggle your tools three, or thirty-three feet off the ground anymore.

— Morgan Soller, Inventor of the Freehand Tool Hook